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Raw Thoughts: Niners vs Ravens

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Allow me to start off with this: these two teams are very likely to face off again in the Super Bowl this season. That is one thing I never thought I’d say about the 49ers and Ravens.

On Sunday, we will be witnessing what can easily be labeled as one of the best games of the season. This tough matchup features two offenses that rely heavily on their run game as well as two great quarterbacks (one being the MVP front runner).

I’m not sure that the 49ers defense will be able to stop Lamar Jackson. Although the team is 10-1, they have struggled against mobile quarterbacks this season. The Lamar Show could simply steamroll the Niners defense and call it a day. San Francisco may have the best defensive front in the league, but we’ve witnessed the never before seen greatness that is Lamar Jackson and I don’t believe that the Niners will be able to stop him.

Even though I’ve basically become the president of the Lamar Jackson fan club, I do have to commend the 49ers’ pass defense. They are currently allowing 136.9 passing yards per game and have 11 interceptions. Their run defense isn’t looking great, though. Against the run, San Francisco ranks 19th and has allowed at least 100 rushing yards in 9 of 11 games.

Let’s briefly revisit how the Ravens demolished the Rams last week. Baltimore continuously ran over, around, and sometimes straight through the Rams’ big name defense. This is what I expect them to try to accomplish against the Niners. Since we know what their weakness is, it makes perfect sense for the Ravens to try to exploit it and silence the hype that surrounds Garoppolo and his team.

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