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Raw Thoughts: America’s Team

Dallas Cowboys, you are on the chopping block. It seems like the Cowboys have been doing the same song and dance for a few years now: start off great, lose a few games, beat a good team or two, make the playoffs and then self-destruct. All of this happens with two very familiar narratives in mind: feed Zeke and do away with Jason Garrett.

Coach Garrett seems to be skating on thin ice, and he’s exercising his last resorts in an attempt to save his team. He’s even shown the team the things they’ve done right on film to try to get them back to winning. One way to get back into the win column is to beat the LA Rams on Sunday afternoon. There is great urgency for both teams as they look to save their playoff hopes, so a win for either team means great momentum heading into last few weeks of regular season.

The Divisional Playoff Rematch has a different, almost desperate feel for the Cowboys this time around. The Cowboys are sitting at 6-7, and yet they are still tied for 1st place in the NFC East although they have lost 7 of the last 10 games. While Sunday’s game does include a few decent matchups, the outcome is what really matters in the long run. America’s team is honestly on a downward slope that will probably result in the firing of their head coach among other changes.

The Cowboys share the top spot in the NFC East, and they have a losing record right now. That’s definitely an issue. Jason Garrett will most likely only return to the Cowboys in 2020 if the team can get into a good enough rhythm for a deep playoff run. It doesn’t require a football expert to be able to determine that Jason Garrett’s time with the Cowboys is presumably over. Can America decide on a new team to claim now?

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