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Battle on the West Coast: Ravens vs Rams

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Two words: Lamar Jackson.

Two more words: Jalen Ramsey.

What these two phenomenal athletes have in common is the fact that they are both play makers, meaning that the upcoming Monday Night matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Rams would be a completely different story without them. While these two, among a few other star players are generally what all the talk will be about, there are some broader topics to cover ahead of this star studded showdown.

Last season’s NFC Championship team looks a touch different this season, but they are still one of the top teams in the league. The Rams defense is yet again one of the best in the league and they are definitely not all talk. The Rams D has allowed a league low 11 points per game over the past 4 games, which just so happens to coincide with the arrival of Jalen Ramsey.

Rams advantage: While WR Robert Woods’ status remains unclear ahead of Monday Night’s game, the return of Brandin Cooks will give a much needed boost to the Rams receiving core. In addition, Cooper Kupp should be back and in full effect for this game. While the return of star receivers is always good news, there is another Rams advantage, or Ravens disadvantage, to be discussed. The Ravens defense has allowed 178.6 yards per game to WRs recently. They have also allowed 13.9 receptions per game to WRs, which is the 6th most in the league. This could potentially be a devastating factor for the Ravens on Monday Night.

The Baltimore Ravens have the NFL’s highest scoring offense and with their 8-2 record, they lead the AFC North and are currently the #2 seed in the AFC. Their high powered offense is led by none other than Lamar Jackson, who is now the MVP frontrunner. The Ravens average 34.1 points per game. One could completely understand why Rams CB Jalen Ramsey asked former NFL QB Michael Vick for pointers on how to stop Lamar. Jackson recently tied Vick’s record for the most 100-yard passing and 100-yard rushing games in the Ravens’ 30-16 win over the Seahawks. Lamar Jackson is on pace to have one of the greatest seasons for a dual-threat quarterback in league history. Not bad for someone who coaches said should play RB instead of QB, right?

ESPN’s matchup rating for this Monday Night showdown is 89.6, which in smallest terms, means that this game should be fun to watch. It’s the classic ‘Dynamic Offense vs Dynamic Defense’ matchup that fans love to see. The Rams are looking to defend their turf and stay in the win column while the Ravens are looking to swoop into Memorial Coliseum and fly away with a win (while also allowing Lamar Jackson to put up jaw dropping numbers… probably).

While I am not one to make game predictions, I will say this: there is a lot of talk surrounding Lamar Jackson, but I am sure that a certain CB who really loves to talk will have a lot more to say when Jackson’s offense is lined up against him. The Baltimore Ravens are the favorite to win this matchup, but not by much. Anything can happen on Monday Night on the West Coast.

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