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Leptin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) are adipogenic proteins that are actively involved in metabolic homeostasis of fat. Recently, it was reported that fat tissue in humans and rodents differs in metabolic activity relative to anatomical location of the fat tissue (i.e. depots) and animal age. Hence, we hypothesized that leptin and PPARγ production in various fat depots in female pigs differs in response to acute fasting, and that these responses vary with physiological maturity of the animal. Sixteen intact crossbred immature female pigs [prepubertal (PP); 132.2 4.1 days] and 16 sexually mature female pigs (M; 224 7.4 days) housed in an open-air, concrete slab, sheltered barn were randomly assigned to either Control or Fasted treatments. Control pigs (PP, n = 8; M, n = 8) had ad libitum access to feed, while Fasted pigs (PP, n = 8; M, n = 8) were denied access to feed from the onset of the study (0 h) to euthanasia at 72 h. Immediately post-mortem, fat samples were collected from the subcutaneous, pelvic, kidney, and heart (M pigs only) fat depots and analysed for leptin and PPARγ mRNA and protein content. Acute fasting decreased mean leptin mRNA tissue content in a depot specific manner in M pigs (p 041b061a72


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