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Violet !!BETTER!!

For orris root production, iris rhizomes are harvested, dried, and aged for up to 5 years. In this time, the fats and oils inside the roots undergo degradation and oxidation, which produces many fragrant compounds that are valuable in perfumery. The scent is said to be similar to violets. The aged rhizomes are steam-distilled which produces a thick oily compound, known in the perfume industry as "iris butter" or orris oil.[48]


Eris is a beautiful girl with long silvery hair and blue eyes. In the anime, she is depicted with purple eyes and silver hair with a violet tint to it and portrayed as a slightly older girl. She possesses the physical appearance of a fifteen years-old girl and is stated to be extremely beautiful by many people including Kazuma, and her peers describe her as having a delicate and beautiful face that impresses on them a hint of melancholy. Eris has long silver hair going down to her ankles which has a light purple ombre. She has two long bangs which reach down to her shoulders and an ahoge sprouting from her fringe.

In addition, violet and purple are the hues associated with the seventh chakra, which rules your super-conscious or spiritual awareness. Therefore, purple irises are lovely flowers to have in a meditation space or garden. 041b061a72


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