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Want To Start Your Own Podcast?

This page shares some tips and resources that can help you to create your own podcast.


These are some of the recording apps I use for my podcast and the benefits. You can use the link to sign up or download and start using right away.

The all-inclusive audio and video recording platform. The easiest way to record podcasts in studio quality from anywhere. I use Riverside FM to record live podcasts that stream directly to YouTube.


Podbean gives you all the tools you need for managing your podcast. You can schedule when you want to publish episodes and you can easily get your podcast on all the places people listen, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast apps.


Streamyard allows me to livestream shows with cohosts from anywhere straight to Facebook. It also lets you add backgrounds, logo, and advertisement tickers on screen while airing.

Adobe Premiere Pro

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